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Get it now for only $997 AUD!

Originally at $1997 AUD

Here’s what Brett had to say about the 6-Week Program:

Do you find yourself continually stressed because you want to have a business that will operate successfully without you so you can work on your business growth without working yourself into the ground.

Free yourself from being a slave to your business and optimise your business opportunities through:

  • The 6 Step Formula I follow to optimise the success of my coaching 
  • How to get your ideal team “Who treat the business like you do” 
  • Create your ideal cash flow strategy & minimise your stress 
  • Why accountability procedures are not only good for your staff but also for you! 

These are the very same strategies I have used to 5 or 6 X businesses. This program is designed to get your business to that same level.

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Get it now for only $997 AUD!

Originally at $1997 AUD